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Every Sunday at 2 pm, we meet for praise and study.  Join us!  We would love to meet you and share our passion for our Lord Jesus Christ.  Don’t forget to ask us about the ministry groups so you can following Jesus’ great commission too.


The church is guided by its 5 objectives:

  • To win souls of  all people here in the Dallas-Plano-North Metroplex Area/ USA
  • To give assurance of forgiveness, to people who are lost, through the Cross of Jesus Christ
  • To bring a message of restoration and hope to all in the USA
  • To ground people, especially the young, in the Word of God
  • To prepare people for the coming of Christ through the teaching the Word of God


The church currently has the following groups:

Evangelism, Men’s Christian Union, Ruwadzano (Women’s Union), Youth, & Sunday School