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About Us


In late 2008, a group of Zimbabweans comprising of eight women and three men met to pray and worship at an all night prayer meeting. Like most Zimbabweans living in Dallas, the worshipers had come together to give thanks for the ending year and to celebrate the birth of the New Year.  All though their ages varied, this group shared a common practice of meeting with other Christians hear the Word of God. However, on this particular night, the eleven individuals felt a stirring in their hearts to reach out to other Zimbabweans living in Dallas and preach the Word of God through a Zimbabwean church. They longed to sing praises to Him in Shona, their home language and to preach His Word. (During that time there were estimated to be 18,000 Zimbabweans concentrated in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.)

This house church started immediately looking for premises to worship. It was during the search that the members met with Pastors Dwight Nash and Ritchey Blaire of the Wesleyan Church in Plano–Collin Creek Community Church. The Pastors offered the new church a new place to worship every Sunday afternoon. So exactly five weeks after, the new church, now comprised of at least 30 members had a facility to meet. So began the story of the Zimbabwe Wesleyan Church.


Presently the congregation has grown to 60 members of adults, youth and children meeting Sunday at 2pm in the Collin Creek Community Church facility.  Each Sunday praises are raised to Almighty God accompanied with hosho (rattle), ngoma (drum) and piano. The service is conducted in English and does include some Shona. It is a welcoming group that desires all people, not just Zimbabwean, to  come into a growing abiding relationship with Jesus Christ.

The church is also very much active in the Zimbabwean community in Dallas where in addition to the weekly Sunday Service, the church has remained distinctive in love, service and compassionate involvement in the lives of its members. One of the church activities also includes mobilizing funds and distributing them to orphans in Zimbabwe.

Throughout its birth and growth, the church has been guided under the theme “The Fountain of Life”, which was inspired by the book of Isaiah 12 v.3: “Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of wells of salvation”

The church is guided by its 5 objectives:

  • To win souls of Zimbabweans and all people
  • To give assurance of forgiveness to people who are lost, through the Cross of Jesus Christ
  • To bring a message of restoration to Zimbabweans in the USA
  • To ground young people in the Word of God
  • To prepare people for the coming of Christ through the teaching the Word of God


The church currently has the following groups:

Evangelism, Men’s Christian Union, Ruwadzano (Women’s Union), Youth, & Sunday School